Premium fragrance concierge and personal shopper services in New York City
Premium fragrance concierge and personal shopper services in New York City

Why Saint~Osmique?

Shopping for fragrance can be a tedious and time-consuming process. It’s hard to know what’s out there, and matching our preferences –let alone understanding them– isn’t obvious either. Most often, department stores and perfumeries are crowded and saturated spaces where the senses are overwhelmed by sights, sounds and smells, and sometimes aggressive brand representatives who seem to care more about making a sale than actually helping you find what you really need. With Saint~Osmique you can relax and let me do the “less-fun” part. The experience is a little like therapy in the sense that you might learn a little more about yourself, your nose, memory and associations. And in the end, with my help, you should be able to find the fragrance that is right for you.

How It Works

First, set up an appointment. I will meet you in person at a time and place that is most convenient for you, either in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens*. During this first meeting we will discuss what it is you’re looking for as well as your general experience with and understanding of fragrance. Samples and a questionnaire will be provided to help guide you through the process. This consultation generally takes about an hour and is a crucial step in understanding your taste and preferences.

Then, I will set out to collect samples of scents I believe are best for you, based on the information gathered during the first meeting. This search usually takes about a week. I cover multiple top retailers (Bergdorf & Goodman, Aedes, LuckyScent, etc.), as to leave no stone unturned. Once the samples have been collected, we will arrange a second meeting where I will assist you in a preliminary round of testing. The samples –usually narrowed down to 6– will be numbered and unbranded as to not steer your judgement. You will get to keep them.

You will then be given a week to continue testing the scents “blindly” after which I will reveal the names, brands and prices of each sampled fragrances. Should you elect to move forward with any of them, I will act as a personal shopper to get you whichever fragrances you wish to buy and deliver them to you at your earliest convenience. Additional rounds of search may be ordered as well.

Price: $300 — includes both meetings, 1st round of search and personal shopper service.

*Somewhere quiet and familiar is to be preferred.

Top image: Abraham Brueghel, Fruit and flowers, oil on canvas, ca. 1675